​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ABOUT ME:

I am a woman who loves to rescue and work with animals. My latest, surprisingly successful endeavor (lawyers told me I couldn't do it) was rescuing Tank (pictured below), an American Bulldog who did bite a neighbor.  He was held at Vernon Animal Control for ten months and slated to be euthanized imminently. With the help of a pro-bono lawyer, I transported him to safety - a new home in another state.  I am so proud, because he's a sweet dog who got caught up in unfortunate circumstances. He is thriving today, well-trained, and a love.

I foster animals too, and have rescued quite a few. They are successfully placed in fur-ever homes.

I adopted a 17.5 year old Papillon, dropped off by his father at Warwick Valley Humane. He was deaf, blind, and neurotic. I wanted to help. He had a great month here, calmly thriving on bacon and home made food, until his death when his spine gave out.

I network for rescues and drive to transport pets, from areas where many do not neuter or spay; mostly south to North.

SYM decided to focus on "bully breeds" when I learned more about their history, about them being used as bait, and seeing how hard it is to rent a home with a Pit. I love Pits. 

In 2013, I started pet sitting when a friend told me she could not find a care taker for her Diabetic dog.  I am Diabetic, so it was second nature. 

SYM has been insured since 2013. SYM has cared for deaf, blind, incontinent, Diabetic, and Epileptic dogs.

SYM has a mission: to care for all pets, particularly disabled & bully breed pets, precisely as well and with as much dedication as we have for our own fur-family members.

​​​Insured and bonded.​  Your pet is our family. 

Strut Your Mutt NJ -  Devoted Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, & Boarding

"Strut Your Mutt NJ is great! She has been with us - a new puppy and an older dog, and she has been very patient with the little one. She gives us daily updates on how they are doing. She has been very dedicated & even came back to check on them one day on her own accord when one seemed ill.  Strut Your Mutt NJ has given us good tips on things like vets, grooming services in the area and supplies like leashes & harnesses. I'm not sure how we'd do it without her! Strut Your Mutt NJ definitely gives us great peace of mind. Finally, she's very responsive & gets back to us ASAP with everything! So glad we found Strut Your Mutt NJ!" ~ Kim Berly

​​​We serve Vernon (07462), Hardyston, Franklin, Highland Lakes, Sparta (07871), Warwick NY (10990) & areas of West Milford, too, plus all places in between!

We are a member of PetSits.com.

We are completely dedicated to your pet/pet's needs!