Strut Your Mutt NJ's mission is to be your ideal one-on-one pet care service. We listen to your pet’s health and safety needs, and we truly customize each pet-visit.

Daily, we strive to make our clients' lives easier, by keeping their pets content and healthy. We check-in via text , with a photo of your pet.

We are available for dog walks & cat care everyday, nights, weekends, and holidays, in Vernon NJ (07462), and all its surrounding areas!

Our vacation care is a perfect solution for the frequent traveler, or for the occasional get-away. With Strut Your Mutt NJ, your pet remains comfortable in your home. We offer this because we didn't like the panic displayed by our own dogs when we visited a kennel that had a multitude of other, crated dogs.

With us, instead of missing Mom and Dad, your dog can wait for our visits with joy and expectation, in your own home!

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three dogs
Running Dogs

Strut Your Mutt NJ Never Pack Walks!

Walking multiple client dogs in a group ('pack walking') is a risky practice that can lead to animal aggression and injuries. For this reason, you can rest assured that Strut Your Mutt NJ will never pack walk animals under its care.


Strut Your Mutt NJ serves Vernon Township, Crystal Springs, Great Gorge Village, Highland Lakes, Barry Lakes, Hamburg, Township of Warwick (excluding Greenwood Lake), Florida NY, and Pine Island.


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Strut Your Mutt NJ gives your pet what he or she needs to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  • 25 minute dog walking session
  • 40 minute dog walking session

Please note -- Strut Your Mutt NJ also does a "Poop Scoop," so you always come home to a clean yard and home.


Contact us for rates.

Strut Your Mutt NJ cares for your pet in your home while you are away, on vacation or for business. We offer an alternative to boarding your pet. There are no unnecessary injections for kennel-cough. We offer late-night (“last outing”) visits unlike a kennel. We provide consistency and one-on-one pet care . Your dog sleeps in his/her own bed, and you can rest assured that your pet is comfortable in your own home.

  • 1 visit per day
  • 2 visits per day
  • 3 visits per day
  • 4 visits per day
  • Overnight stay in your home (Limited availability. Contact us for more details.)


Contact us for rates.

My house is at its best when it's full of animals. Boarding depends on how the pets get along, so contact us to set up a meet and greet to see if we are a good fit for your dog(s)!

Strut Your Mutt NJ has boarded disabled dogs, including blind and deaf pups.

Contact us at (201) 841-1171 for more information. (Text is best.)

Please keep in mind that Strut Your Mutt NJ cannot board a dog without a prior meet & greet for both client and pet. For each pet, we also require proof of all inoculations -- including Bordetella.


Contact us for rates.

When you need a responsible, insured, and communicative driver to bring your pet to a groomer, to a local kennel, or to your veterinarian, Strut Your Mutt NJ safely and securely transports your pet, and stays at your pet’s side to ensure all is well.





Susannah Nagle

"Strut Your Mutt NJ is the best! We moved to Highland Lakes a couple of months ago and Janine has been doing an amazing job of caring for our "little bear" while we're at work during the week. She does two dog walking/pet sitting visits per day with our fur baby and I love knowing that he is getting real quality time with such a devoted animal lover. Janine pays attention to every detail of our dog's care and sends texts during or after each visit to let us know how he's doing. We feel very lucky to have found her!"


Kerrie Brown Scott

"Janine is amazing!!!! She absolutely loves my pups (and they love her!!!) and I couldn't be more thankful for finding her to take care of them when I'm at work! She goes above and beyond with them, playing, brushing, cleaning up after them, and stopping by on her day off when Winston had ACL surgery. She loves our three babies. I love her daily texts to give me an update on how they did for the day and the pictures make me smile!!! She has a true love and passion for the animals and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a pet sitter!!!"


Jennifer Nestle

"Janine is very professional and reliable. It is obvious she loves animals and is very knowledgeable about their proper care. I highly recommend her...Twinkie and I love her. She recommended us to a good groomer, an excellent veterinarian...we couldn't find better care for Twinkie...she actually cleans up stinky heinie messes and gives a bath if needed!"


Melissa Steiner

"Janine and Ursula are absolutely incredible! They take such incredible care of my cat and dog. They spoil my furbabies like crazy with their love, treats, and special attention. They go above and beyond for their families. Between the daily texts and pictures while we're away, I never have to worry. I can enjoy my time and relax knowing that they're in good, loving hands. They are reliable, consistent, and completely trustworthy! We love them so much that they've become part of the family. I don't trust anyone else with my pets. You'd be crazy not to choose STrut Your Mutt NJ as your pet sitters!"


Dale Warr

"We asked Janine (aka J9) to host our pooch for 3 days on very short notice. She immediately adjusted her schedule to accommodate even though it took some juggling. Our little guy usually gets a stressed if we leave him somewhere unfamiliar… not this time! He became a part of J9’s family for those 3 days, walks and snuggles abounded. I could not have been happier with his care and will be back to Strutt your Mutt anytime we are in the area!"


Jimmy Doorley

"Strut Your Mutt are the best dog walkers out there! They are caring, reliable, and go out of their way to make sure your pet gets the best treatment. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will surely be using their services again in the future. 10 out of 5 stars!"


Kim Berly

"Strut Your Mutt NJ is great! She has been with us - a new puppy and an older dog ~ and she is very patient with the little one. She gives us daily updates on how they are doing. She has been very dedicated and even came back to check on them one day, on her own accord, when one seemed sick. She gives us good tips on things like vets, grooming services, leashes, and harnesses. I'm not sure how we'd do it without her! Strut Your Mutt NJ definitely gives us great peace of mind. Finally, she's very responsive and gets back to us ASAP with everything! So glad we found Strut Your Mutt NJ!"


Michele Schaefer

"I would like to thank Janine at Strut Your Mutt for taking such loving care of my little furbaby - Cora the Explorer. Over the weekend, we got images, video and texts about Coraline's welfare. I would highly recommend Janine to care for your little fur babies!"


Brian Soldano

"Janine goes above and beyond what you would expect of a dog sitter. My Kadie has serious health issues, but they were no problem for Janine. She takes everything in stride, she spoils my dog. I highly recommend her, and you won't have any worries when she's with your pet."


About J9

Strut Your Mutt NJ

I am Janine, AKA J9 (rhymes with 'canine'), owner of Strut Your Mutt NJ and a former English teacher. I rescue, rehabilitate, and work with all animals. I began animal shelter work in my teens.

My latest rescue was saving the life of Tank, the infamous Vernon NJ American Bulldog who bit a neighbor. Four lawyers said “it would not end up well,” unless I had “tons of money and time.” Each advised me to give up on him.

I did not.

It will never be a perfect world until every animal has a home.

Tank was held almost a year, slated to be euthanized. With the help of an animal-lover lawyer, we transported Tank to another state; one without NJ’s untenable dangerous dog laws.

Next up: Changing NJ animal law.

I don't complain; I work toward change. Adopting older, discarded pets is key to my happiness. Networking for animal rescues, covering spay/neuter programs, and fostering dogs & cats all add joy to my life.

Strut Your Mutt NJ

In my rare spare time, I have built a few Victorian dollhouses. I am also an avid reader

My goal

To care for your pets with as much dedication and love as I devote to my own fur-family members.

Contact Strut Your Mutt NJ

(201) 841 - 1171



We would love to hear from you! Please contact us about our dog walking, dog sitting, and cat sitting services today! If you are getting in touch for the first time, please be sure to provide your cell phone number.

Note that we are usually able to respond to text messages more quickly than voicemail or email communications.

Strut Your Mutt NJ looks forward to serving you!

When getting in touch, be sure to provide a phone number so that we can promptly get back to you. We also ask that you give us your name, the name of your pet(s), and the dates and times that you will need service.